Monday, 27 October 2008

50th Post, Swaps

50th Post

Well this is my 50th post, gee that has come up quick. So to celebrate I am making 2 gift cards which one lucky person will win. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and I will draw the winner on the 1st September.

I will post the pic of the cards soon when they are finished.


This week Mikayla and I were in for a treat we got our Summer Sac Swap package from Alice-Anne Nix. Alice if you are reading this thankyou soooo much it was so much fun. This swap was one where you don't know who you are getting the item from the person who you send to is not the one who sends to you. I hope Jennifer enjoyed her Swap package as much as I did mine.

So sweet Alison sent us a bag full of goodies from her trips around the US there were 12 pressies plus some news papers, real estate books and car books. Thankyou so much is was so much fun to look at those things and Mikayla now has show and tell items for the rest of the year:)

Vintage Stocking Swap

Here are my answers to Pracilla's swap questions she has asked us to post.

What do you collect: I collect Old English Rose, Kentish Rockery and American Beauty china. I have also started collecting Willow Tree by Susan Lordi (thanks to my Children and Hubby).

My China Collection
My Hubby got me this one for our last Anniversary (isn't he sweet)

What inspires you: The beauty of the world, God, my friends and family especially my children.

Favorite pastime: Well with 3 young children past times are something I have not had the luxury of for some time now. I do love to read, scrapbook, make things, cook, decorate my house and paint things usually white:) and spend quiet time with my hubby.

Whats one of your favorite vintage pieces in your home: I have a lovely Crystal dresser set which was my grandmothers and my great grand mothers it holds special memories for me.

What decoration or Christmas item would you love to have: I would love a really nice nativity set and glass baubles for the Christmas tree. Ohh and some of those cute little houses, Church's and Christmas scenes.

What vintage piece would you love to have: I would love a vintage/french shabby nighty to hang up in my bedroom. Or an old lamp.

Favorite Goodie or hot drink: I looooooove hot chocy and cappuccino or vienna or mocka or white chocy. Now fav goodie, i am a chocoholic and love lynt choc, cadbury choc and anything choc actually, I don't have enough room to write it all:) I also love cashews and mints and jelly bellies.

Any family tradition: We read a Christmas story with the Children and I decorate the table with the works on Christmas eve and we have a lovely meal together. Later we watch the carols.

Greatest Christmas Memory: My first Christmas with my first born Child. I enjoy Christmas so much more now that I have Children.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Breakfast for Breasts

This morning we had a pink breakfast, we had so much fun and it was a great opportunity to talk to miss six about breast cancer.
I am also going to be hosing a pink breakfast fun raiser in a few weeks. We were planning to have it today but I did not realise that it was a pupil free day so I have postponed it.

We had pancakes and raspberry cream and fresh berries.
We added a drop of pink food colour to our vanilla yoghurt.

I am offering these two cupcakes for $20 including postage for Australians and $25 for overseas. All the money from these will go to breast cancer research.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Catch up ~ Fun with Canvas and Swaps

It has been such a busy few weeks seems like everything happened at once. I have not posted in such a long time so you better get a coffee while I try and remember what I have been up to.

We will start with the last week of the school holidays, what fun we had, my husband was away that week for work so I tried to fill in the days with fun activities. My daughter wanted to invite her best friend over for a Princess Tea Party. A royal invitations was sent out and an other Princess arrived from another land (suburb lol).

The 3 Princesses and a handsome Prince Cowboy.

The table was set with china and yummy choc cake covered in Princess sprinkles (pink and pink sugar) we had choc covered teddy biscuits, piklets with princess sprinkles and some with jam and cream (for the Queen) and fruit.

Since it was a warm day the coffee pot had special royal pink drink only for Princesses and Princes to enjoy while the Queen enjoyed a pot of Lady Gray.

It was such a lovely morning I really enjoy setting up the table when little friends come over and the children always enjoy using tea cups and cake forks:)

On the weekend of the last week of the holidays our Church had its annual Ladies Camp and I went along. (first ladies camp ever) I was a bit unsure of how I would go as I have never been away from my Children before. I as on the planning committee which helped the whole separation thing.

During the Camp we had some electives I ran the scrapbooking on canvas with another lady which was fun. The night before the camp I made one as an example. (I had never done scrapbooking on canvas before)

This is the one I did the night before.

I did a larger one for my eldest daughters room of her birthday party.

During the last week of the holidays I let my daughter do a canvas, she had so much fun. The picture she made was of rainbow fairies flying over rainbow mountains. She used coloured sand and 3D pens this is now hanging on her bedroom wall.

I have also entered 2 swaps and am so looking forward to doing them, see my sidebar for links to the swaps you can still sign up but they will be closing soon.

Oh and Kylie from a Bite of Country Cupcakes gave me an award. Thanks Kylie.

I give the award back to you and I give the award to Jo Anne and Merrin and to all my other blogging friends out there you know who you are.


Do you have any friends from childhood?
Yes I have a couple and even though we don't see each other or talk often I know they are there.

What do you value about your friends?
That they don't judge you as they know your heart.

Are they your sounding board?
Working on it I am others sounding board and I am learning how to find true friends.

What activities do you like to share together??

We don't see each other often due to distance so we blog and facebook a bit. got to love the computer age:)

Well that is it from me for now.