Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Blog Shop and I have been Tagged

I have been working on my blog shop it is nearly finished please pop in and see what I have been up to in there. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

I Have Been Tagged!!!
By Kylie from A bite of country cupcakes

Now I call it the 7...7'S AS IT CONSISTS OF ME ANSWERING 7 THINGS ABOUT ME & 7 QUESTIONS.So here goes it...

*7 Things I plan to do before I die:
1. Be debt free
2. Travel
3. Watch my Children grow up
4. Make a difference
5. Take my Children Overseas
6. Have a cottage garden
7. Learn to ski

*7Things I do Now:
1. Raise my Children
2. Co-Ordinate a playgroup and info and craft sessions for mums
3. Make fake foods
4. Look after 2 sweet little boys 3 days a week.
5. Have people over
6. Blog and facebook a lot more than I should
7. Do lots of house work and washing and folding.

*7Things I Can't do:
1. Sit still
2. eat eyeballs
3. get a full nights sleep (thanks to one of my children lol)
4. keep the house clean for more than 30 min.
5. lots of things that I can't think of :)
6. cheat (get the case of the gilts)
7. skateboard

1. His blue eyes
2. his nature
3. that he is a great dad
4. his dark hair
5. how he looks after me
6. how he has never raised his voice at me
7. that he loves me for who I am and never tries to change me

*7 Things I say most often
1. I love you
2. have you flushed and washed your hands
3. I am going to count to 3
4. Why why why why (in my head)
5. Wait a minute
6. I am blessed
7. You are my favourite (2 or 3 or 6 year old depending on who I am talking to)

*7 Celebrities I admire:I don't follow celebrities??? People I admire?
1. My Mother,mother in law and Grandmother
2. My Auntie Marline
3. Some of the older ladies in my Church - they are strong women who are not afraid to be themselves and share their life
4. My friends Jo-Anne and Kari
5. My sister in laws

*7 Favorite foods: (I like everything Kylie had so I am going to keep some of them on my list)
1. Chocolate yummmm
2. golden syrup dumplings
3. sticky date pud with butterscotch sauce...Mmmmm!
5. Potatoes with sweet chilly sauce and sour cream
6. Home made soups with hot buttered toast
7. warm dip in cob loaf yummmmmm esp in winter
8. BBQ'S
9. My hot potato salad
10.Taco's,nacho's any kind of hands on type tucker....Oh ohhhpppsss....

I am not going to Tag anyone as most of you have been tagged already but if you have missed out and want to do it feel free I tag you.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Carnival of Flowers

I just love the School holidays, I can spend some time with my eldest, she started school this year and I miss her terribly when when she is at school.

This week Toowoomba had hosted it annual Carnival of Flowers. On Saturday we went to the parade, the Children really like going to this, lots of fun:)

Here area a couple of photos.

Today we went on a Train Ride to Spring Bluff. Spring Bluff is an old Train station they have restored. It is a lovely place for a picnic and during the Carnival of Flowers they run train rides from Toowoomba Station to Spring Bluff.

We went with some friends from out Playgroup.

At Spring Bluff ready for a picnic.

They were all given a train stamp. The conductor came around dressed in an uniform from about 1914 and he rang the boarding bell for the children and sang a song with them.
Yummy Mum finally made cupcakes I can eat.
Lots of places to explore
An old carriage that has been turned into a kiosk.
This house is now a Cafe.
Lovely flowers everywhere.
Train ride back home.

It was a lovely day, now the Children are watching TV quietly and I am going to visit some blogs:)

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Give Away

Shannon from Paint mine Pink is hosting a give away. A group of us Aussie girls have put together some of our creations. Be sure to go to her blog and enter.

Shannon has done a wonderful job in organising it all and hosting this.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

My baby boy is growing up

Yesterday my son turned 4. I am loosing my little boy, but gaining a bigger one. They grow up so fast, it only seems like yesterday he was 2 and now he is 4 only one more year at home then off to school.

Here are some photos of our day.

We went to the park for a birthday morning tea with family and his best friend.

My son and his best friend

His sisters and cousins.

Blowing out the candles. My son does not like cake he only wanted one so he could blow out his birthday candles.

Then back home for the afternoon.

Here he is playing with the golf set he got from his grandmother. Look out Tiger....

Yep has the professional golfer walk down pat.

He spent most of the afternoon playing golf in our back yard.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Craft Room Part 2

It has been ages since I have posted or visited blogs. I have been very sick and it has taken me nearly 2 weeks to get better.

Today I finally got into the craft room. It was a huge job and took all day. I am still not finished I now have to go through everything and sort it out and organise it. I need to get some more storage containers, jars and bits to finish it the way I want it.

So here is what I did today I moved everything around and unpacked boxes that have not been touched in 5 years. Threw heaps away and put the rest in bags for charity.

As I said it is not finished but at least I can now work in the room and with Spring here I will be using the room more. Box full on mending I can now do as I can now get to the sewing table.

Cupcake area.

My craft desk I can see the back yard from here so the Children can play while I work.

I got a new bookcase to put bits and bobs in.

Sewing area again. I strung all my lamp shades on ribbon and hung them from the curtain brackets. They are out of the way and will still remind me they are waiting to get a face lift. Now I have no excuse to exercise since the air walker is no longer a lamp shade holder:)