Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Well it has been so long since I have been able to blog, what an interesting start of the year I have had.

I am sorry for not being in contact much since my last post. My computer was hacked into the hacker changed my ebay password, email passwords and blog passwords, tried to get into bank accounts and I could not get into anything. Arrrr (and we had one of the top virus and spyware programs). It is finally all fixed now and I can email, blog and ebay again, the really annoying thing is they changed my ebay bank account details so all sales I made the money went into the hackers account, so I have had people buy stuff which I did not know about and pay and not get items so now I have a huge mess to clean up and some very unhappy customers. If you were affected please email me.

We also have had some family and friends loose loved ones including the loss of a baby. So life has been keeping me on my toes so to speak.

I am really sorry if anyone is offended or hurt that I have not been in contact and I very sorry for that. I will try and visit you all in the next week and leave a message. I have missed you all and blogging.