Monday, 14 April 2008

Mums Cottage Kitchen

Last night I was up late waiting for hubby to come home and up with sick children. I started thinking about when I was a girl and how my mum and Nana use to make simple cupcakes and cakes that were soooo yummy. You know the ones with butter icing or mock cream and sometimes cream cheese icing.

So since I was up and my craft table was out I started creating cakes that looked like the ones they use to make (but fake). Do you remember these, simple with loads of 100s and 1000ands or coconut. The kind of cakes you came home from School and had for afternoon tea. So this is what I made. I have called this new range Mums Cottage Kitchen.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Grab a coffee :)

Today when I was driving home from the shops there was this little man with a red and white sign on the side of the road. The sign said Antique and collectors fair.... Humm I thought no children with me, why not. So in I went, thinking in my head if only I had my purse with me (I had just taken $50 note out of my purse to run up to the shops, groceries I got cost $31) oh well. After paying $5 to get in i was then left with $14. I had fun looking around, it was so weird I kept looking out for my children and had the words don't touch and this is a looking only shop on the tip of my tongue.

Then I thought I might give myself a challenge and buy something it felt a bit like being a contestant on the UK antiques show where they have a set amount of money and have to buy things to get auctioned. So off I went with $14 in hand.

The first thing I bought was a little glass lidded bowl that matches a bigger one I have in the bathroom, I got it for $5, then I found a colclough plate in great condition for $4. That left me with $5 I saw some boy and girl lucky dips for $1 each and got each on the children one and one lady had 4 doily's of $1 so I have $1 left over. (Each of the girls got a cute handbag full of bling and a stuffed puppy, Aiden got a shark, superman and trading cards)

The colclough plate
The glass bowl

There were some lovely things there and some were very over priced, I am sure all the bargains were gone by the time I got there at 11:30am. I had a nice time it was good to have a break.

Onto the second item. Last night hubby decided to come home as he finished at work earlier than planned so at 9:30 he arrived to surprise me. My sister in law had just left, we had just spent 2 hours moving the bedroom around only to end up with it the way it was to begin with.

So my surprise Anniversary gift was not finished and all my plans were wrecked. I was a little disappointed as I had worked so hard and really wanted to spoil him.

So since he has now seen the bedroom here are the photos. I still need to do a bit to get it to where I want it.

View from the door

The bed, I still have to stress the paint a bit at the edges

The book case thing I got for Glen to put all his books on.

This is what Glen got for me another one for my collection.

Still need to get new draw handles.

Hubby goes back to Brisbane tonight and will be back Sunday night so I will still do some of what I had planned for him. It just won't be the same. Oh well

Friday, 11 April 2008

Visit from the tooth fairy

Tonight miss 5 finally lost her bottom front tooth. It has been loose for weeks now.

She put her tooth in her special fairy tooth box.

Look what we have here a little tooth

The tooth fairy wrote a special note, it said Thankyou Mikayla for the tooth. Don't forget to look after and brush you teeth. Regards Your tooth fairy Floss. She even left some fairy dust on the note and a $2 coin. The writing is very small as is the note.

I can't wait till she wakes up in the morning and finds the note and coin.

Bedroom update

I have been very busy the last few days. Hubby rang and said he is planning to come home for 1/2 of Saturday and then go back to Brisbane for work. AAAAAAh I now have less time to get everything ready. At least I have finished painting the bed and draw set. Hopefully the paint smell will be gone by Sunday.

This morning I headed out with my 5 year old, 3 year old and 2 year old to the pretty shops (as miss 5 calls them). Even though it was very stressful with 3 Young children I did get some good bargains. I picked up this little white shabby shelf thing at Vintage Primrose a cute little shop I love to shop at and it is only up the road from me which is even better. Then I went to pillow talk and they had a sale on curtains. Yippee so I picked up some lovely curtains which were 1/2 price. That will save me time. Then it was to the library to get some books out for miss 5. Then to lincraft where they had a sale on lace 50% off. I got the lace for the bed and 2 cushion's which were 20%off. God was really looking after me today. Then I found this love sign at another shop near lincraft. And I have money left, to get some little treats for hubby.

Well I better get back to the bedroom paint should be dry now so I can start the fun part of putting the room together again.

I am not going to show you my buys, you will just have to wait till I have finished the room.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Finished hutch and bedroom project

Here is the finished project I have added my pretties, I am still not 100% happy with it, I am still considering getting the sandpaper out and giving it a rub at the sides. What do you think?

I still may rearrange my pretties again :)


This week is Glen and my anniversary, but he will be away for work this week so we are going to celebrate it on Sunday or Monday. I am planning to do our room up as part of his anniversary gift while he is away. He has no idea that I am going to do this.

Here are some photos of what our room looks like now. Please excuse the mess hubby was packing and I did not get the bed made and the kids have been in with toys and stuff.

View from the door

View from the wardrobes

View from the bed

Corner of the room

Yucky curtains

My side of the bed

So this is what I am thinking, I was going to paint the bed and chest of draws white. I promised my dad that I would never paint the desk white. It is quite old and in great condition still has a working ink well. The desk I put all my hubby's papers etc. I am thinking of re-arranging the room. I am keeping my eye out for new bedside tables, either a matching one to the one I am using or 2 new ones. (I do have a matching one to the one Glen is using the kids are using it at the moment, I am happy to paint them white)

I hate the curtains and am planning on making or buying new ones but not sure what type if I should go for one colour or have 2 layers or flowers????? The bedside lamps will need to be replaced sometime and I need to find somewhere for all the books. Oh and the bedspread, I was thinking for now I would maybe get some lace to cover it until I get a new one. What do you girls think any ideas would be great.

I am also open to swapping furniture around I have other chairs I can swap with the one I have in the corner.

I forgot to add this little area above the door, I am trying to work out what to put here, I have thought about little birdcages, mini shoes and heaps of other things but just can not decide. All of the children's rooms also have this space and I have decorated it with letters of their name, Mikayla has ballerina's.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Wedding and Good News

On Saturday we went to my friends wedding, it was such a lovely day. It was so nice to get out and get dressed up. I got a new outfit and got my hair done.

Here is the Paige boy pushing his little sister the flower girl down the isle in an vintage pusher, I tried to get a better photo of it but people kept getting in the way.

Rach was stunning in her wedding dress

Don't they make a cute couple

Mikayla and Aiden blowing bubbles

Shantelle looking like a princess

Daddy and Shantelle blowing bubbles

Yummy wedding cake or should I say donuts, they were covered in Lynt chocolate yummmm

My hansom little man

Shantelle on her second donut, Aiden did not eat his (he does not like sweets much)

Sunday we had a nice quiet day. Today I finally did the hutch I took before and after photos, I am thinking or getting the sandpaper out and shabby it up a bit. I will take another photo when it has the china back.

The hutch was a real mess it has marks all over it and the bottom has been painted with this black thick plastic paint stuff not sure what it is but it took ages to sand.

It was very cheap now I know why I think it must have been used in a garage.

I gave it a good sand and then painted it, when done I added some cute pink draw and door knobs.

To me it still does not seem quite finished not sure what is missing, maybe it will look better once all my pretties are back in place.

Thankyou to everyone who has been praying for the little girl Carmen, she is now out of hospital the doctors are amazed and have said she is a 1 in 80 000 child. Usually with the injuries that she had you either die or you spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair and have ongoing medical issues. She is walking with a halo and spine brace on. She will have to have this for about 3 mths. The doctors were expecting her to be in hospital for a lot longer but she is such a fighter and God has heard our prayers. The next year will be full of physio and doctors visits but she should be fine and only suffer slight stiff neck in the future. We are all so proud of her she has been a real champ.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Swap and other things

Today is going to be a good day.....

I am doing my first swap I am sooo excited. I think I need to get out of the creative box I am in and do something fun and new. Check out gypsymermaid blog for more details.

I am very excited as I am going to do up my bedroom. My hubby is going away for work for nearly a week so I am going to paint the bed and draws, and get up to all sorts of creative mischief with a paint brush. I will be posting before photos sometime this weekend. Will be back with more later.

Now I am going to start getting ready for my friends wedding today. Will post photos and stuff later she is having some really fun and different things but I have been sworn to secrecy so you will have to wait until after the wedding to see.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Cross Country

Today was the Primary Cross Country at Mikayla's School. It was such a lovely day not to hot or to cold. Perfect for running. All the prep children ran 1 lap of the oval. Once they were finished they all got a Well Done Ribbon. They were all so proud. I just love my daughters School they really think of the children and encourage them. I just loved how the teacher gave the little girl who came last her ribbon 2nd and all the children exclaimed she did not come last with the ribbons hooray. That made her day. Mikayla would have run a lot better if she was concentrating. She and a few of her friends were running together talking, waving to everyone and blowing kisses, she is sooo social.

I just love this photo

Look I got my first running ribbon

Prep class they look very pleased with themselves

My other children and a little boy who I look after having Morning Tea at "big school"

Well I have been quite busy this week, I have had the flu so have been keeping to myself a bit. We had the funeral for the 2 dear children we lost over Easter. The service was very well done. The mother is now home and is doing well and her daughter should be out of hospital in a week or 2. She will be home in time for her 4th birthday. We are all so proud of her she has been so amazing through it all.

So after Monday I have been busy painting and finishing cakes and cake slices and cupcakes and sugar cookies. Getting back into things has really helped. Here are a few photos of my latest. I have nearly finished a whole cake (ran out of faux pink icing last night, I only had 3 cm left to pipe)grrrrr :) so I will post the photo of the cake tomorrow when it is done. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Tomorrow is the last day of term 1 for us, I am sooooooo glad as I have been missing Mikayla, I get her to myself for 2 weeks.

These are some sweet shabby sugar cookies, I just love how they turned out.

I have listed all of these on ebay.