Monday, 30 June 2008

Surprise Gift

Today was the fist day of school holidays so we were having a slow day, late breakfast, did not make the beds, did not get dressed until 9:30 then a package arrived for Mikayla, (I had only just gotten changed out of my pj's thank goodness) she was so excited, at first I thought it was an early birthday present for her, but then I saw it was from lovely Shannon. We opened up the box and it was filled with little pressies. Mikayla was sooo excited. There were 2 for her and one each for her brother and sister.

So off we went to find Aiden and Shantelle.

They were so excited to have a present.
ohhh arrr pretty ribbon said Aiden.

Yay Bubbles we love bubbles and in our favourite colours to.

Then Mikayla opened hers she was so happy.

Look what Shannon made her, it is soooo pretty and has all her favourite things on it, she loves cats and does ballet.

Shannon is so creative you can check out her creations at her shop Paint mine Pink - Art by Shannon Thompson

Thank you so much Shannon, Mikayla is one happy girl. Two weeks ago her bedroom door name hanger got damaged she was so upset about it. After she opened her pressy she told me to put her old one in her special box. Then she informed me her old one was a bit young for her anyway because she is going to be 6 in 8 sleeps and the one Shannon has made is for grown up girls.

Thank you for your sweet gift, I just love it when you get things in the post you are not expecting and especially love the look of happiness and excitement on children's faces.

Oh and she still thinks you are a princess Shannon.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Lounge Room Make over Part 1

Help my Lounge Room needs a make over. This room is our quite room where the children are not to leave toys and it is always (well almost) tidy. But it needs a make over. I am not sure where to start, I want to recover the chairs and not sure if I want to paint the timber. I am also not sure if I should paint the coffee table and side table. I purchased these as fill ins until I found what I really wanted and also as they are kid safe, so I don't mind if they get painted or not. Also the mantle has been bothering me, it is lacking something or maybe I am sick of the display and need to tweak as Leanne would say.

I want the room to be nice and relaxing it is a dark room as it has no windows and is in the middle of the house. Our house is really old and I love this room it has height ceilings and pressed iron ceiling.

The lounge room comes off the hallway and has not real door way. The hall way stops at the fish tank and opens into the lounge. The wall behind these chairs is the original back wall of the house the wall continues past the couch and then the original doorway that opens up to the extensions which are the dining room and family room.

Chairs needing to be recovered, not sure what colour or style.
Should I paint this White?

I love the ceiling
To give you an idea of the height of the room. Next to that single chair are french doors that open to the play room.

I have to go now and take miss 5 to a birthday party where did the morning go? Be back again later to finish this post.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Pretty Parasols and Paper.

Mikayla and I participated in the parasol and Paper swap hosted by Shannon. We had such a good time putting our package together.

Today our package arrived from our swap partner Victoria. Mikayla was so excited. It was just what she needed as she was a bit upset as she could not go to school for 2 days because she had been sick. (you know when they are better but they can't go to school because they still could be contagious) This really picked her up.

Here is Mikayla with the package. Do you like her dress, it was mine when I was 7. A dear family friend made it for me for a school fancy dress ball. Mikayla would live in it if I let her she said it is a princess dress.

When we opened the box if was full of pretty pink tissue shredded paper and little parasols. So cute.

Here is Mikayla with all the packages before the unwrapping she is just itching to get those wrappers off.

Look at our goodies.
These are the cards Victoria made for each of us. Mikayla has hung hers up on her bedroom door.

Look at that cute little pony with parasols on it. Victoria you are amazing, Mikayla just loves it. See the little china figurine she is so sweet I have her on my hutch.

And this paper is lovely, we also got a book full of vintage music. Lots of fun to be had:)

I won't post what we did for Victoria as she has not got her package yet and I don't want to spoil it for her.

A big thank you Victoria for making such a lovely package. We could not have been happier. Mikayla is now wanting me to look for more swaps for us to do:).

Monday, 9 June 2008

Queens Birthday Weekend

I have had a great long weekend. This weekend I had a friend come and stay. We use to live together with another girl (my sister in law), while we were at uni about 10 years ago. It was so nice to see her.

On the Saturday we went to the Danish Flower Art. It is a great little place that has a cafe, and craft shops and a iron works shop. They sell gourd's that you can paint and decorate for your garden. They also have a bead shop which my friend loved as she makes jewelry.

Then we went to Black Forest Hill which sells Australia's largest collection of German Grandfather Clocks and Cuckoo Clocks.

They don't just sell clocks they have Christmas decorations, babushka dolls, original German children's outfits, dolls, bears, linen, and the list goes on. It is such a lovely shop. My daughter loves to look at the gold fish where the water wheel is.

Then we went to The Chocolate Cottage, which is one of my favourite cafes. The have a huge range of home made chocolates plus other yummy things. The cafe is in an old house and is so warm. The gardens are cottage style with a big open area for the kids to play. Then there are the other shops that are behind the cafe. Scrapbooking a shabby shop, a quilting shop and an Australian shop. It is such a lovely place. After that we went home with our bag of goodies.

Then on Sunday we went to Picnic point for a picnic. After lunch and a play at the park we went for a walk along the walking tracks to take in the views.

Later that afternoon the three of us old roomies we went out for coffee and were lucky enough to find a cafe that happened to have a live jazz band playing. It turned out that one of the band members went to school with my friend. Small world:) After that we went our for a movie The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I had the best weekend, it was so nice to get out. I have prob used up all my outings for the year in this weekend alone:). Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well.



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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Motherday blog wins

I finally got around to posting the winners their mothers day prizes last week. Sorry they were so late. Here is what the lucky ladies got:

These goodies were the first prize.

And an air freshener cupcake with 2 pink sugar cookies was the second prize.

I hope you ladies like your gifts.