Saturday, 29 March 2008


Today is such a lovely day outside. I just love the day after rain, every thing is so clean and fresh. I love looking at nature and its beauty and all the small detail of the flowers. We are so blessed to have these things. Everyday I thank God for another day with my Children and Husband and that I can enjoy the beauty around me. For being able to see, hear and smell and all the little things that in our busy lives we sometimes take for granted.

Even though this week has been very sad for us it also has made us thankful for our family and life. To see things in perspective, to be more patient with the children, to say I love you often and really mean it, to count our blessings.

I started painting again yesterday and it really helped me feel better I have listed some of the cuppies I painted on eBay today. I am working on some more cakes and cake slices I have not done any of these since December. Hopefully I will have them finished in a couple of days since my husband will be away for work.

Thankyou to all you lovely ladies who left comments, thankyou for your prayers and support.

Friday, 28 March 2008


A quick update to let you know the Mother and Daughter are doing as well as can be expected. It will be a long road to recovery.

Monday, 24 March 2008


Easter was both bitter sweet for us this year. We gathered together to celebrate Easter and the reason we celebrate it. We usually go to Church at the Easter fest but this year all plans were changed.

We had a surprise sleepover my 2 nieces (2 and 4 years) arrived in the middle of the night to stay. In the morning when my 3 children woke up they were soooo surprised that the girls were over. After all that excitement I pulled out the Easter gifts. Some how I had 2 extra bunnies which I could give to the girls. After that it was breakfast and then lots of Easter craft, making baskets, decorating eggs etc......

The rest of the family arrived for a family BBQ at lunch and then we put on an egg hunt for the children. I used plastic eggs and hid a fun gift in 5 of them. Once they found all the plastic eggs they came and traded them in for choc eggs. Great deal hey plastic of Chocolate. My dog was most upset this year as she was not able to swipe any of the hidden eggs.

All ready to egg hunt.

Showing Aunty Shi what they found

The only sound that could be heard was the rustle of confectioners foil.

The adults did our best to make the day fun for the children while we were also dealing with a tragic accident. My sister in laws sister was in a terrible car accident and 2 of her children passed away and her other child is very badly injured, as is the mother. Which is why I ended up with the girls over for a sleepover. After the long day my husband and I had the hardest job, we had to tell our 5 year old what had happened and why she would not be seeing her friends again and that her other friend is very badly hurt. My daughter went to kindy with the children as well as seeing them at family functions and was very upset.

Please spend time with your children and loved ones laugh and hug them lots, life is so quick and can be taken so fast. In an instant everything can change.

Please pray with me for the little girl and her mother for both their physical bodies and emotionally and the family and friends.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Pink Princess

Today when my daughter got home from school there was a package for her she was soooo excited. (Thanks Shannon for addressing it to her and for the Cinderella picture on it, that is her fav princess how did you guess). The poor girl had to wait until after ballet class to open it, she was jumping out of her skin all through class.

When we finally got home she ran to her room and got changed so she could open her package. You should have seen and heard her gush.

Thank you Shannon the wand it is lovey and thank you for the extra effort you put in with the tag. Mikayla just loves it and wants to shop at your shop again soon. Here are some photos of her. Please excuse the funny look on her face we are going thought the strange camera smile stage.

Even the ribbon was a huge hit.

The wand is from Shannons shop, take a peek it is lovely. Click on the link to see her shop.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


My sunroom is also our libary/reading and relaxing room. No toys are to be taken into the room, puzzles and quiet boardgames are encouraged. So lately whenever I go to relax in the sunroom I can't because of this table. The rest of the sunroom is nearly finished and all matches and then there is this table. I love the table but the brown paint and peeling paint is getting to me. (as well as the 2 piles of books that need a home). So I have decided to do it up this week. The hutch will just have to wait. And as for the books I am going to go and get another matching bookcase.

I picked this table up last year it is quite old and my father (who is a furnature maker) said it is hand made.

I am not sure which way to go with it, should I strip it and then varnish it or should I paint it again. Either way I have to strip the paint off. (Yuck yuck I have stripping and sanding.) I would love some feedback from you talanted ladies. Also with the carving should I do something to make it stand out???? This is such a cute and usefull table. Here are a few photos of it. Sorry about the one on its side I uploaded them straight from my camera. I will fix it up later. Till then tilt your head :)

Thanks Girls

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Who can relate?

Today we went to pick up a new entertainment unit we won from eBay, (it is only 12mths old) and soooooo much better than our old one. The doors don't fall off. Anyway as we were leaving my hubby and I were discussing the couple of marks on the timber. I told him I would give it a scrub and polish and if it did not scrub up ok I might paint it white. He looked at me rolled his eyes and said "just as long as you don't paint me" Poor guy....

Next month he is away for a week for work and I am planning to paint our bed white while he is gone, at least this way I won't paint him while he is asleep in bed.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Sunny days

Hubby is at a work meeting so I am finally posting another post and ebaying as well as putting my 2 year old to bed. I think I am up to 7 times now. Deep breath... Here she comes again.

I have been busy trying out some new colours and different types of glass glitter. I have been feeling bored doing the same type of thing with they same colour range.

Those of you you have seen my eBay listings would have seen my sugar cubes and sugar hearts. This weekend I was so happy to see the sun finally shining that I decided to make some yellow sugar hearts. I will be listing them tonight.

I have also been making some more faux cupcakes, I have decided to bring back sprinkles again, I use to do allot of them but found the cake yellowed from the glue after a while and putting on beads and glass glitter takes time. I think I will have to redo the photos I usually take them during the day but ran out of time and had to take them at night and they just don't turn out as well.

I just love pin dishes and sugar bowls. I have them all around the house full of faux sugar cubes and sugar hearts, at Christmas I fill them with sugar stars and trees. They brighten up those hard to decorate areas.

Well better go and list some more things on eBay and put my daughter to bed again. Till next time:)