Monday, 17 August 2009

Swap and More

It has been a busy few months here we have had sickness, 60th and 7th birthdays to celebrate, school stuff, ballet exams and life :)

So here is my very late blog for the majestic sea swap I did last month. My swap partner was Deb she did such an amazing job.

Look at all those goodies

The had made items it is such a lovely wall hanging I have it in my sun room, so pretty.

It was such a lovely package and really made my day after been sick for a few weeks. Thanks Deb. I will post what I sent Deb soon.
My family and I have been having some international students over for Sunday lunch, 2 girls from Africa and 1 girl from India. I have made a few Aussie meals for them so now it is there turn, first Dianna from India made a traditional Indian meal for us, this meal is usually served at weddings and special occasions, we were very lucky. Dianna and I went shopping and she showed me all the ingredients we needed, lots of fun.
Can't wait for the African meals. As each girl is from a different part of Africa the food will vary greatly, so looking forward to that.

Also during July we had 2 birthday parties. I made the cakes for both my daughter wanted an ice-cream hedge hog cake and I made a gluten free mud cake for my mother in laws 60th.

These cakes you can eat.

My daughter has been learning about Vietnam at school and last week the primary school put on the festival of nations where they dressed up and put on a parade and items for the parents/grandparents. It was a lovely morning, here is my daughter in her outfit she has chopsticks in her hair, I made the skirt from left over wedding dress material and the shirt is a pj shirt.

My son was invited to a scary birthday party he went as the Hulk, I ripped some old clothing painted his skin with food colouring mixed with water he had a ball.

And finally a week ago my daughter and son cut their hair, I am so pleased to see that now hair dressing games no longer involve cutting. This is the hair do my son did yesterday.