Sunday, 30 November 2008

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

I am starting to feel festive. Today we trimmed the Christmas tree. We usually put up decorations during the whole of December. I will post as we make and decorate things.

While my husband and I put up the tree my Children decorated the little wire tree. I use this one for them to put on all the decorations they have made, and then we use other decorations to fill up the tree, I bet in a few years it will be full of their creations. I really love doing this as I find their decorations can get lost on the big tree and can't really be enjoyed. We put the decorations made this year at the front and the ones made other years at the back and side. We put this little tree onto of the TV unit in the family room, so everyone can enjoy it.

Then we decorated the big tree, they are so proud of their handy work:)
I have had a Christmas song in my head all day. You see miss 6 lost her second front tooth today, so guess what she has been singing. How many more days to Christmas??????

Add Image Ohh looky here I see a decorations that I got in my swap package.

Ohhh here is another one what a lovely Angel from my swap partner.

The Angel onto is one of Shannon Thompsons creations. I have another one for the Mantel. Will show photos of the rest of the house as we decorate it.

Here is the finished tree.

I also get my children to fill up bowls with baubles. They love to do that and the we put them around the house.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Vintage Stocking Swap

My daughter and I signed up for the Vintage Stocking Swap that Casa Bella Chic hosted. Yesterday my swap package arrived from Kylie (A bite of Country Cupcakes)
My daughter and I were so excited. What can I say other than thankyou sooooooo very much. We were both so blessed and love everything.

Don't you just love the box everything came in. When we opened the box it was sooo full of goodies.

Miss 6 is so excited.
Kylie was so kind as to put in a little gift for each of my Children.

The stocking that Kylie made above it is full of things and below is what was inside.
So many choc scented things and look at those cards they are lovely.

Here is everything that was in the box, how she got it all to fit is beyond me.

Look at all the lovely things.... I love those hearts they are sooo cute.

Some more pretties. Look at the Angel in the box. I love Angels
Thankyou so much Kylie everything was lovely, and we can't wait until the 1st of December, when we decorate our house and tree for Christmas.

Here is what my Daughter and I made for Kylie. We were lucky enough to find this huge vintage stocking. Sorry about these pics as they were taken late at night and did not come out very good.

We gave it a new lease on life by adding bows, bells, ribbon and glitter.

Miss 6 and I did a bit of an angel theme as we both just love Angles.

3 little boxes for Kylie's children and a Christmas gift for Kylie
Some yummy things.
This swap was so much fun, and thankyou Kylie for being such a great swap partner I have really enjoyed getting to know you. I can't thankyou enough for everything.
Oh there are still 2 more spots available for the Pay It Forward so if you would like to get a gift from me and would like to give to someone else please sigh up below.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Pay It Forward

You probably all know about "Pay it Forward". I'm not really sure when or where it began ,
But the idea is to spread some kindness without expecting anything in return .
I was lucky enough to sign up with
Kylie from A bite of Country Cupcakes. Now what I need to do is add a PIF symbol to my blog and a link back to Kylie.
This I have done...

The first 3 visitors to visit my blog and leave a comment saying they would like to be involved will receive a handmade gift from me within 365 days of joining .
These 3 visitors must have their own blog,
and be prepared to do the same for their first 3 visitors .
And follow the above steps as I had to do.
It all just means (besides keeping Aussie Post on their toes),
People that have generally never met,
are prepared to share some happiness "just because" it feels good .
And "just beacause" pressies are always the best! Are'nt they?
My participation in this will also mark my 50th post!!....50 posts already!!
What on earth have I been rabbiting on about???
SO...If you would like to join up just leave me a comment,


And email me your address, likes and colors...I guess??
And within 365 days you will get a little surprise in the post!

And the Winner is.....

The lucky winner of my 50th post blog give away is Jo-Anne
Miss 6 drew out the name from a tea cup. Sorry I did not take photos this time:)

Friday, 21 November 2008

The Season of Giving

Check out Cottage in the Making for a lovely give away click on the pic for details.

Christmas is just around the corner and there are so many giveaways at the moment. Be sure to check out my side bar for a few that I have come across.

One giveaway I stumbled upon today is The Great Christmas Giveaway.
Click on the link below or the one on my sidebar to check it out.

Now don't forget my 50th post giveaway. I will be drawing the winner on Sunday.

Trudy from Bits of Wool is also having a giveaway click on the pic below to check out her giveaway.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

50th post take 2 :D ~ Give Away ~

I am so sorry that I never got around to posting pics of the cards I was going to make, actually I never got around to making them. Life has been busy and things kept popping up and I was sick with the flu, so I am going to redo the 50th post give away.

Instead of making some cards I have put together 3 lovely cards/postcards. The roses card is just lovely and is one of Gail McCormack's I just love all her work my fave is her range of tea cup paintings.

The second post card is from
Natasha Burns, I love these postcards the dresses are so pretty, and last but not least a tag taken from a vintage picture.

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post (all comments on the last post will be entered so if you were one of the 9 who left a comment on the last post and then leave one on this post you will get two entries) I will draw this on Sunday. Really I will :D

Remember when I did up my bedroom (click here to see the makeover post) I still have a few things to do to finish it but last week I got a new comforter for the bed from the wonderful Mandii, click here to check out her eBay auctions I love what she lists.

The bedspread has made such a huge difference it has tied in all the colours in the room and really pulled it all together. I just need to get a few new pillow cases and cushions to finish it.

A close up of the cover, so pretty.

Works so much better with the white bed. Before I had a brown doona cover with lace over the top. Now all I have to do is work on the lamps and do some tweaking and then it will be finished.

It has been so cold and windy/rainy the last few days and the fog has been so thick. I took these photos this morning and when I went out a few minutes ago it has gotten even worse I can't see across the street now. Brrrrrr and it is supposed to be Spring nearly summer.

I am going to make chicken pot pie and a hot dessert for dinner tonight to warm us up. (one good thing about the cold I get chicken pot pie) I love chicken pot pie and will drop some over to my friend who just had a baby.

Last weekend my little girl danced in the ballet the 12 Dancing Princesses she was one of the night angles who protected the princesses. They preformed at the Empire Theater and it was such a lovely production I was so proud of my ballerina she danced so well.