Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Here is a photo of my little ones the photo is about a year old but is one of my favs. I will post another one soon.

Well today has been another busy day, I have been madly making more Air Freshner cupcakes and other goodies, I also picked up these cute white draws that need some TLC.

Opps the photo is was ment to go under the writing, still getting use to this prog.
Well I should go and cook some dinner for my lovely children and husband.



Hey, Bek, welcome to blogger. Your little ones are absolutely gorgeous. Shannon told me to look out for you. Looking forward to receiving my sugar cubes. Have fun posting. Pop over & visit.
Hugs, Coll :-}


Hey Bek !
Look at those lil sweethearts! How cute are they. I betcha they keep you on your toes hey :)

Have an awesome weekend sweetpea.


p.s sometimes this blog thing has a mind of its own i think..you put your pics where you want them and next thing HELLO they are somewhere completely different! LOL

Anonymous said...

hey Bek, what delicious little cuties!! adorable!! Thanks for the comments on the buffet, I'll check out the other buffet. I lightly sand just to rough up the surface then paint over.I use oil based so it?"s a little thicker and much better to paint with, it's self leveling. no brush lines. easy peasy! have a great weekend and happy painting! mandii

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cute - love their sweet summery outfits too.