Saturday, 23 February 2008

This morning my hubby went camping with a group of guys so we sent him on his way and then went to a special birthday party.

We all had a lovely morning at my Neices 4th Birthday party. Lots of cake and lollies were had by all which helped to take the kids minds off dad going away for the weekend.

It is such a hot day today I had all these plans of cleaning the house and having every thing tip top, but alas I have not done a thing except play on the computer and read blogs, ebay and facebooked. I did buy some lovely pink glass draw knobs from ebay.

I saw on Mandi's blog her latest project and now am inspired to paint my buffet. I bought it about 8mths ago to paint and sell so I could upgrade. But have been putting it off as I hate sanding. Worst job ever yuck yuck. I have so much stuff to sand and paint.

Better go the kids are now fighting about who's turn it is to choose a dvd.



Hiya Bek,

I was just thinking (and i hope you dont mind me saying) that you should do a blog entry on your pretties you sell on Ebay.
Especially the sugar cubes !!!! LOVE THEM !

xo Shann

Bek said...

Thanks Shann, that is a good idea I will do that soon

Mandii said...

Hey Sweet bek!! How's the buffet going?? I know it's a painful job to start but once you do you will get the passion to see it finished!! Post some snaps I'd love to see it!! Hugs