Monday, 30 June 2008

Surprise Gift

Today was the fist day of school holidays so we were having a slow day, late breakfast, did not make the beds, did not get dressed until 9:30 then a package arrived for Mikayla, (I had only just gotten changed out of my pj's thank goodness) she was so excited, at first I thought it was an early birthday present for her, but then I saw it was from lovely Shannon. We opened up the box and it was filled with little pressies. Mikayla was sooo excited. There were 2 for her and one each for her brother and sister.

So off we went to find Aiden and Shantelle.

They were so excited to have a present.
ohhh arrr pretty ribbon said Aiden.

Yay Bubbles we love bubbles and in our favourite colours to.

Then Mikayla opened hers she was so happy.

Look what Shannon made her, it is soooo pretty and has all her favourite things on it, she loves cats and does ballet.

Shannon is so creative you can check out her creations at her shop Paint mine Pink - Art by Shannon Thompson

Thank you so much Shannon, Mikayla is one happy girl. Two weeks ago her bedroom door name hanger got damaged she was so upset about it. After she opened her pressy she told me to put her old one in her special box. Then she informed me her old one was a bit young for her anyway because she is going to be 6 in 8 sleeps and the one Shannon has made is for grown up girls.

Thank you for your sweet gift, I just love it when you get things in the post you are not expecting and especially love the look of happiness and excitement on children's faces.

Oh and she still thinks you are a princess Shannon.


Candy- A Pretty Home said...

Hey Beks!!
Ohh that banner is so precious!
Dontcha just love Shannon! I love her to pieces. I love all you Aussie gals. Your all so creative and talented and all are my favorite blogs!

passive1 said...

Need to get my gals one of those too cute for words name garlands!!!

Just seeing these 3 little cuties so pleased and happy it makes you realise that sometimes giving is better than receiving!!
Lovely lady that "shannon" must be and oh so creative!!
Sounds like I am describing you Bek!!
Still loving the cupcakes and sugar cookies!!


Hiya Bek ! Im soooo glad your gorgeous little sweeties loved their surprise parcels :)

I loved making that banner for Mikayla...she is soooo sweet. Tell her i think that SHE is the PRINCESS.

Love Shann x

Alison Gibbs said...

What sweet gifts from Shannon. Such a pretty banner for Mikayla