Saturday, 21 June 2008

Lounge Room Make over Part 1

Help my Lounge Room needs a make over. This room is our quite room where the children are not to leave toys and it is always (well almost) tidy. But it needs a make over. I am not sure where to start, I want to recover the chairs and not sure if I want to paint the timber. I am also not sure if I should paint the coffee table and side table. I purchased these as fill ins until I found what I really wanted and also as they are kid safe, so I don't mind if they get painted or not. Also the mantle has been bothering me, it is lacking something or maybe I am sick of the display and need to tweak as Leanne would say.

I want the room to be nice and relaxing it is a dark room as it has no windows and is in the middle of the house. Our house is really old and I love this room it has height ceilings and pressed iron ceiling.

The lounge room comes off the hallway and has not real door way. The hall way stops at the fish tank and opens into the lounge. The wall behind these chairs is the original back wall of the house the wall continues past the couch and then the original doorway that opens up to the extensions which are the dining room and family room.

Chairs needing to be recovered, not sure what colour or style.
Should I paint this White?

I love the ceiling
To give you an idea of the height of the room. Next to that single chair are french doors that open to the play room.

I have to go now and take miss 5 to a birthday party where did the morning go? Be back again later to finish this post.


Joanne Kennedy said...

Well if it were my place I would leave the walls painted white, paint the tables white and either recover or get new chairs in a pretty pale pink or blue.

I would make it a pretty Romantic Cottage style. But then again, that's the style I love!


Debbie Kay said...

Your room has got some great bones and a gorgeous pallette to make your own. I think shabby chic heaven when I look at your pictures, so many possibilites. Definitely white my dear.....

Debbie Kay

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Bek! I would definitely keep those beautiful walls white! I would paint the furniture white or pink to keep it light and airy. I would also do very soft colors on the slipcovers, white or pink. I think that would brighten it up some. It is a beautiful room for sure!


Candy- A Pretty Home said...

For some reason bloglines didnt show me this post :( Good thing I came to your site to check!
I like your room already, IM sure whatever you decide to do will be perfect ..I love your style :)
Candy :)

Linda said...

Hi Bek,
I love your walls and your ceiling is your home an old Queenslander? I know when I want to change the feel of a room sometimes it can all be a bit overwhelming, I have found in the past the best way to start is change something small, normally once I have I get into the flow and the feel for the room and it just snowballs from there. I hope you don't mind if I add your blog to my list of favourites on my blog.
Cheers Linda

Diana Lyn said...

Hello Bek, I agree with Miss Joanne! PINK, PINK,Leave those walls White! XO Diana Lyn


Bek Hon, definately keep the walls white. A splash of white furniture here and there will open it right up (width wise). I think a big mirror over that gorgeous mantle is a must, it will reflect the area and make it appear more open (due to lack of window). maybe drape some fabric over the top of the mirror and down the sides, or add some timber shutters..??
Is that sofa old/vintage? id say if you re-cover it you dont necessarily need to paint it white (if its vintage id leave it the original timber).

Hope all this helps. Im sure i'll have more ideas but i gotta rush off now and pick Sam up from preschool....

Love Shann xx

BittersweetPunkin said...

I agree with Joanne! I think a shabby cottage style in pink and white would be ADORABLE!!!

Shabby Vintage dreams said...

Hey bek,
I agreee with the Girls you have a gorgeous room that is already painted white so a big bonus! If it were my room I would definatly get a large Mirror to hang above the mantle (Im with Shann on that one), sitting on the mantle would be nice an old jug or wash jug filled with some life like roses or flowers would great.I would personally paint the Sofa wood white and probably not even recover maybe drap some throw rugs or even an old Vintage White sheet over them & tie around with a thick satin ribbon.. Heaps of Shabby cushions are a must. I paint pretty much everything that enters my house so you know Im gonna say Paint the tables. With everything painted white you will be suprised just how much brighter the room will feel. You can never have too many cushions and lamps a nice floor lamp would look great.Hmm and little touches of pink would be great too. I read through mags etc and pick up on little idea's. I cannot wait to see it made over!! HOW FUN!!

Bek said...

Thankyou everyone for your ideas, i am going to start the make over Saturday and will post as I do things. Great idea for the sofa mandii that way I can make it pretty without covering it just yet. It is a vintage set so I am still not sure about painting it, see what it looks like once it has some throws on it.

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