Tuesday, 18 November 2008

50th post take 2 :D ~ Give Away ~

I am so sorry that I never got around to posting pics of the cards I was going to make, actually I never got around to making them. Life has been busy and things kept popping up and I was sick with the flu, so I am going to redo the 50th post give away.

Instead of making some cards I have put together 3 lovely cards/postcards. The roses card is just lovely and is one of Gail McCormack's I just love all her work my fave is her range of tea cup paintings.

The second post card is from
Natasha Burns, I love these postcards the dresses are so pretty, and last but not least a tag taken from a vintage picture.

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post (all comments on the last post will be entered so if you were one of the 9 who left a comment on the last post and then leave one on this post you will get two entries) I will draw this on Sunday. Really I will :D

Remember when I did up my bedroom (click here to see the makeover post) I still have a few things to do to finish it but last week I got a new comforter for the bed from the wonderful Mandii, click here to check out her eBay auctions I love what she lists.

The bedspread has made such a huge difference it has tied in all the colours in the room and really pulled it all together. I just need to get a few new pillow cases and cushions to finish it.

A close up of the cover, so pretty.

Works so much better with the white bed. Before I had a brown doona cover with lace over the top. Now all I have to do is work on the lamps and do some tweaking and then it will be finished.

It has been so cold and windy/rainy the last few days and the fog has been so thick. I took these photos this morning and when I went out a few minutes ago it has gotten even worse I can't see across the street now. Brrrrrr and it is supposed to be Spring nearly summer.

I am going to make chicken pot pie and a hot dessert for dinner tonight to warm us up. (one good thing about the cold I get chicken pot pie) I love chicken pot pie and will drop some over to my friend who just had a baby.

Last weekend my little girl danced in the ballet the 12 Dancing Princesses she was one of the night angles who protected the princesses. They preformed at the Empire Theater and it was such a lovely production I was so proud of my ballerina she danced so well.


Shabby Vintage dreams said...

Your bedrroom looks FAB!! Im so glad you love the quilt it really looks like it belongs on that bed!! Always happy to see you visit my ebay items!!
have a wonderful week!!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh your little Ballerina looks so sweet!
Life is abit rushed at the moment here too.
Everyone is already busy with end of year things,When you have a few kids it adds alot more to it all too.
The giveaway goodies look lovely.
P.s You must've missed the post on my new home ...I did do one:0

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Bek! Wasn't it FOGGY here today!! The drive out to Highfields to work was rather nerve-wracking! Not to mention I kept wanting to admire the big trees out there cloaked in the faerie mist! Not a good idea when driving! Tee! Hee! Hee! Your bedroom's coming up a treat - isn't it the best feeling when you find JUST what you've been looking for! Hope you're enjoying the rain - I am and so it my garden - Bear Hugs! KRIS

Narelle said...

Please add my name to your giveaway.
Everything is so pretty in pink.

clare said...

I'd love a chance at the giveaway . Congrats on your 50th , looking forward to the next 50 .
Clare's Craftroom

The Pink Poodle said...

Hey bek...the bedroom quilt looks great..and it could only be good if coming from mandii!

i wonder if you have been getting that torrential rain over the last few days? been pretty horrid up there in qld..
i am cooking a minestrone soup for dinner tonight as the weather has gone from 35 degrees last week to 16 degrees today (in melbourne)...cant work it out!!

xx andrea

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Bek! I am so sorry you have been sick :( Gosh I hate this time of year! Your little one is just precious!!! Love your beautiful goodies too!!


Joanne Kennedy said...

What a darling little princess! I love your new bed quilt too. Very pretty and looks super with your bed.

Oh please please enter me in your giveaway. I love those cards and would love to be able to frame them and hang them up.

I'm going to post your giveaway on my blog for you too.


Sarah said...

Hi Bek,
I love your new quilt cover, I am on the search for one to go on our new bed, but am finding it quite challenging finding 'the one'!
Your daughter is so pretty, I bet she was proud as can be in her lovely dance outfit.
Your not wrong about life being rushed, not a day goes by that I feel like I need another pair of hands, a few more hours in the day or a few more hours sleep!!!
Sarah xxx

Coloradolady said...

I would love a chance at your giveaway..thanks for letting me know about it. Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

Stop by anytime. I am now hosting vintage thingie thursdays, feel free to post and participate anytime. It is great fun.

The Charm House said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway!! And I would love to enter yours! Your daughter is lovely and I love your cupcake banner!

Trudy said...

Love the new bedspread and look forward to seeing the whole room finished!

Your daughter is a little angel, how precious she is.

Please enter my name in your giveaway, and thanks so much for adding the link to mine on your blog!

Wooly hugs,


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

thanks for stopping by =) i'm off to go take a peek at your blog. debbie