Thursday, 8 January 2009

Start of another year......

Well this year is well and truly underway, today my daughter and I went out to purchase school supplies and shoes for the start of the new year. We went to a cafe for morning tea and had this yummy choc moose cake. Yummmm

Here are a few photos of our New Years camping trip we went to Peach Trees near Kilcoy, great spot if you have young children the deep swimming hole has a gate on it, there are lots of Kangaroos and the camping spot is not to far from the beach or some lovely little towns and tourist spots. The bush walks are great for kids and they can ride their bikes around the roads at the camp site. I really like it here this is the second time we have camped here.

It rained a bit, but with our camp set up it did not really matter. Made it cooler :)

I ended up letting them run around in the rain on the second day of rain. They had great fun playing dance freeze.

My son and Woody enjoying some grub, they had lots of fun together. My son was so cute he packed Woody's things (sleeping bag and lamp) and they had to be packed with all our stuff in the boot of the car.

We took the Children to the beach for the morning, we went to Golden beach at Caloundra this is a great beach for Children as the water is not rough.
Hoping you have all had a great start to the new year.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

sounds and looks lovely Bek.
My Brother lived at Golden Baech in the 18 years he was in Caloundra it was one of many suburbs he lived.
The kids would've had a ball.
Your camp looks very well set up.
We have just done the big school shop...Sob sob,for the first year at school

clare said...

Hi Bek glad you had such a lovely holiday , looks great .
Clare's Craftroom

Anonymous said...

Hi Bek,
Looks like you all enjoyed your holiday. How fun playing out in the rain, my kids love going outside in the rain to see how many drops they can catch on their tonges, great harmless fun!

Candy-Faith said...

LOVE the pictures!!! Your kids are SOOO cute. Love the last picture of your little girl...gorgeous!!!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

How fun to be able to see a Kangaroo out in the wild like that!


Linda said...

Hi Bek,
Looks like you all had a blast camping, looks like a lovely place to camp too.
Cheers Linda

The Rose Room said...

Looks like a great holiday! Rachaelxo

Linda said...

Hi Bek,
I have just tagged you for a meme, if you would like to play the rules are on my latest post.
Cheers Linda

Alison Gibbs said...

Bek looks like evryone had fun camping

online courses said...

wow!!! It looks like you really have a very enjoyable new years camping trip. I am so jealous...LOl!!!

kanishk said...

We have just done the big school shop...Sob sob,for the first year at school

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