Sunday, 9 March 2008

Who can relate?

Today we went to pick up a new entertainment unit we won from eBay, (it is only 12mths old) and soooooo much better than our old one. The doors don't fall off. Anyway as we were leaving my hubby and I were discussing the couple of marks on the timber. I told him I would give it a scrub and polish and if it did not scrub up ok I might paint it white. He looked at me rolled his eyes and said "just as long as you don't paint me" Poor guy....

Next month he is away for a week for work and I am planning to paint our bed white while he is gone, at least this way I won't paint him while he is asleep in bed.



Oh Bek i can totally relate to that! I go insane with a paint brush in my hand, i wanna paint everything in sight!

Good luck with the bed. Is it a big job? I know mine would be,,,ahhh one day.


P.S a certain little princess should receive a parcel around wednesday/thursday :)

Mandii said...

Hey Bek,
Boy do I totally hear ya!!
Im always saying to Tim dont stay still too long or you'll be white!!