Tuesday, 11 March 2008


My sunroom is also our libary/reading and relaxing room. No toys are to be taken into the room, puzzles and quiet boardgames are encouraged. So lately whenever I go to relax in the sunroom I can't because of this table. The rest of the sunroom is nearly finished and all matches and then there is this table. I love the table but the brown paint and peeling paint is getting to me. (as well as the 2 piles of books that need a home). So I have decided to do it up this week. The hutch will just have to wait. And as for the books I am going to go and get another matching bookcase.

I picked this table up last year it is quite old and my father (who is a furnature maker) said it is hand made.

I am not sure which way to go with it, should I strip it and then varnish it or should I paint it again. Either way I have to strip the paint off. (Yuck yuck I have stripping and sanding.) I would love some feedback from you talanted ladies. Also with the carving should I do something to make it stand out???? This is such a cute and usefull table. Here are a few photos of it. Sorry about the one on its side I uploaded them straight from my camera. I will fix it up later. Till then tilt your head :)

Thanks Girls



Hiya Bek !

Ok i would say if you like natural timber then yes strip it and varnish it, OR go the whole shabby look and just sand it back, paint it white and distress those carved bits, they will really stand out. It's a gorgeous table!
But really the best thing is just go with your surroundings to decide.
If you ever need paint tips im just an email away (what hubby and i dont know about paint, aint worth knowing...LOL).

cant wait to see what you do with it!

Is Mikayla still checking the letter box? aww i hope it arrives tomorrow for her :)


Tracie said...

Hi Bek,
I'm here from Shannon's blog. Welcome to blog land! For the table,
I agree with Shann as far as sanding it back, paint it white and then shabbify it!

Happy day!
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Bek, I would definitely go with Shann on this one. She does the most fabulous job with her furniture, I always ask her advice before I do ANYTHING with paint. It's going to look gorgeous.
Hugs, Coll :-}