Monday, 7 April 2008

Wedding and Good News

On Saturday we went to my friends wedding, it was such a lovely day. It was so nice to get out and get dressed up. I got a new outfit and got my hair done.

Here is the Paige boy pushing his little sister the flower girl down the isle in an vintage pusher, I tried to get a better photo of it but people kept getting in the way.

Rach was stunning in her wedding dress

Don't they make a cute couple

Mikayla and Aiden blowing bubbles

Shantelle looking like a princess

Daddy and Shantelle blowing bubbles

Yummy wedding cake or should I say donuts, they were covered in Lynt chocolate yummmm

My hansom little man

Shantelle on her second donut, Aiden did not eat his (he does not like sweets much)

Sunday we had a nice quiet day. Today I finally did the hutch I took before and after photos, I am thinking or getting the sandpaper out and shabby it up a bit. I will take another photo when it has the china back.

The hutch was a real mess it has marks all over it and the bottom has been painted with this black thick plastic paint stuff not sure what it is but it took ages to sand.

It was very cheap now I know why I think it must have been used in a garage.

I gave it a good sand and then painted it, when done I added some cute pink draw and door knobs.

To me it still does not seem quite finished not sure what is missing, maybe it will look better once all my pretties are back in place.

Thankyou to everyone who has been praying for the little girl Carmen, she is now out of hospital the doctors are amazed and have said she is a 1 in 80 000 child. Usually with the injuries that she had you either die or you spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair and have ongoing medical issues. She is walking with a halo and spine brace on. She will have to have this for about 3 mths. The doctors were expecting her to be in hospital for a lot longer but she is such a fighter and God has heard our prayers. The next year will be full of physio and doctors visits but she should be fine and only suffer slight stiff neck in the future. We are all so proud of her she has been a real champ.

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