Friday, 11 April 2008

Visit from the tooth fairy

Tonight miss 5 finally lost her bottom front tooth. It has been loose for weeks now.

She put her tooth in her special fairy tooth box.

Look what we have here a little tooth

The tooth fairy wrote a special note, it said Thankyou Mikayla for the tooth. Don't forget to look after and brush you teeth. Regards Your tooth fairy Floss. She even left some fairy dust on the note and a $2 coin. The writing is very small as is the note.

I can't wait till she wakes up in the morning and finds the note and coin.



Ah bek you're a mum after my own heart. i do sweet little things like that for Sam too. Hey 2$ !! I remember we used to get 50c...WOW talk about inflation, i better start saving my pennies!

I hope Mikayla is surprised :)
She's a little sweetie.

xo Shann

faraja said...

Wow - I think you and I have the same tooth fairy visiting our kids - mine left a note with $2 too (tho' we had a special tooth bag not box) and with the second tooth she also left a packet of "tooth lollies" for Anita to share with her siblings with a caution to brush extra well after eating them *lol*

purplepaint said...

What a wonderful memory this will be when she grows up! :) Marva