Thursday, 8 May 2008

Long weekend

This past long weekend we ended up going to the park 3 times. On Saturday I took the kids to the park for morning tea. This is such a lovely park it is at a place called picnic point which has such lovely views. Toowoomba in on top of a range. I will post some photos on day. Anyway this is a great park it has so much to do. This is one of the play areas.

This park visit was one of those spur of the moment things I had to go to an ATM and then decided to go to the park, the girls were still in dress ups. Oh well.. It was such a lovely Autumn day.

Morning tea of gingerbread men and juice.

Mikayla being a princess

Aren't these the best swings my kids love them

Then Auntie Renee turned up to say hi and have a play

Mikayla riding side saddle, she informs me this is how all Princesses ride.

Then Sunday we went to another park with some people after Church and Monday we had fish and chips in an other park. Lots of fun and sunshine. We are making the best of it before winter hits and it is tooooooo cold to go to the park.

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Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Your kids are so cute!! What fun! I wish we had those kind of swings here!