Friday, 2 May 2008

Parasol and Paper Swap

I am going to do another swap the last one was soooooooooooooo much fun. I am going to be doing this with my 5 year old. We have decided that swaps are going to be a mum and daughter special time. I can't wait.

Chech out Shannons blog for swap details

Not much else has been happening here been busy catching up on orders from when I and the kids were sick. Hubby has been away for work for a week. Planning to do a big post this long weekend.


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Bek, I think having the swaps for you and your daughter is a beautiful thing to do! One of the sweetest ideas ever! You both will have so much fun and have wonderful memories from this!!

I am so glad you and the kids are feeling better!

Love ya,

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Just found your blog!!!! So lovely!


Shabby Addict said...

Sounds like fun! I better sign up!

Pearl said...

Hi Bek...
So nice to see you "back". I'm glad y'all are feeling better now! I signed up for the swap, too ~ my first one, and I sure am excited about it. It's precious that you and your lil girl will do it together... I bet she's looking forward to that special time with you!

Please stop by for a visit!!


Diana Lyn said...

Good Day Bek, I was walking around Blog Land and found your YUMMY site, How and talented you are. I am from Port Orchard, Washington in the Good ole U.S. . Would love to chat with you somethime, I love treasure hunting, some visit sometime! Diana Lyn